Vacation Like a Star on a Hollywood Beach

Planning a vacation that fits the whole family can be difficult. But, almost everyone likes the beach, especially Hollywood Beach. Find out why the beach isn’t the only thing you can look forward to when you choose a vacation to Hollywood Beach.

Are you planning your winter vacation? Going to a warm destination in the winter months is one of America’s past favorites. Florida is not only a favorite for retirees, but many Americans young and old. Hollywood Beach is a sunshine state seaside favorite that keeps people coming back for more.

Beach Resorts in South Goa

Hollywood Beach is a quaint and historic city, but also a hot and happening getaway destination located in sunny Florida just a 25-minute drive from Miami International Airport. The airport’s proximity to the beach makes it an easy and convenient destination for a weekend getaway, family vacation, or get-together getaway.

When winter hits and temperatures cool off, everyone is always hunting for America’s best beaches for their family vacation or weekend winter excursions. Many families are looking for a beach destination that includes all family interests. Everyone knows that in the family there are ways to have fun and enjoy some time away from it all. Hollywood Beach in sunny Florida makes the perfect choice for a family getaway that will please almost everyone in the family.

With hotels, inns and beaches, parks and playgrounds within walking distance of each other, this makes it the perfect choice for families wanting a one-stop shop for their family vacation. Blending beauty, comfort, history and recreation together, Hollywood Beach makes an ideal choice for many looking for a winter getaway.

Hollywood Beach Resort

Hollywood Beach has a seven mile beach front that offers plenty of activities and facilities for all ages and interests. If your pace is slow and a walk along the beach is for you, then you can take to the beach and feel the sand beneath your feet as you take in the azure green waters of the sea. If lying on the beach everyday isn’t for you, then there are exciting activities awaiting you. If you like being active and are interested in having a waterfront view while enjoying a little workout, then you’ll enjoy the two-mile paved road that many walks, joggers, or rollerblading enthusiasts love to traverse. But, if you don’t want to spend your day at the beach, either relaxing or moving, then you can take another path at Hollywood Beach.

Broadwalk offers another side for its visitors to enjoy being just steps away from the beach. If you’re interested in starting your day or spending your day sipping coffee and shopping while your whole family is sunbathing to themselves on the beach, then you’re in luck. Countless shops and cafes will keep you busy while you enjoy your retail therapy. And, when it comes time for everyone to meet up for a family dinner, there is a wide variety of restaurants that any foodie will love.

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