Things To Avoid Doing on a Nude Beach

However, “clothing optional” beaches are neither vulgar nor obscene, despite what the general public thinks. Everyone is more at ease and considerate on the beach because they are all naked.

There are nudist beaches worldwide, including the shores of New Jersey, Greece, Mexico, Hawaii, and Croatia. These places are perfect for a casual, no-clothes-required vacation.

But be aware that decorum matters before visiting a nudist beach. In actuality, most clothing-free areas have more rules than boarding schools. What you should and shouldn’t do at a nudist beach is explained here.

Dos and Don’ts When Visiting a Nude Beach

There are a few mistakes to avoid on a nudist beach besides forgetting your towel. Here are some tips to remember if you’ve never been to a nudist beach but have always wanted to.

Make Sure You Don’t Assume A Beach Is A Clothes-Free Zone

It doesn’t necessarily follow that a beach is unclothed just because you read it somewhere. Do some independent study to ensure the location is genuinely secure for your naked patronage.

There aren’t many nudist beaches in the United States, but the American Association for Nudist Recreation has prepared a list of them, and Fiery Trippers has compiled a list of some of the best nudist beaches in the world.

What should you do if you ever question whether a beach is indeed a nudist beach? Wear your clothes as usual. Public nudity is a severe violation that, in many places, carries a fine (or worse).

Research Naturist Resorts, please.

If you want to go all-in, instead of just visiting a nudist beach once, consider these options since naturist establishments cater to fully clothed visitors (or off). From luxury all-inclusive in the Caribbean to family-friendly campgrounds in the Poconos, there is a nudist resort option to fit your style and budget.

These resorts have regulations, and several are reserved only for adults. Like you would for any other hotel stay, carefully understand the resort’s rules before making a reservation.

Don’t Observe A Naked Beach

Once you’ve reached a nudist beach, refrain from making strange gestures or comments. You will occasionally have to turn to face your fellow sunbathers, whether to say hello or collect their Frisbee from your beach towel. But remain composed; most insiders at nudist beaches assert that it’s simple and that, eventually, you won’t notice all the exposed skin.

Do you find the reality of polite nude society too difficult to handle? That’s OK but keep to beaches that need clothing for the comfort of everyone.

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