Nude Beach Etiquette

The first question is: Where are you going?

There aren’t many public beaches in the United States that allow nudity, but a few do Haulover Beach in Miami, Gunnison Beach in New Jersey, North Baker Beach in San Francisco, and Black’s Beach close to San Diego.

Es Trenc on the Spanish island of Mallorca, Wreck Beach in Vancouver, Praia do Pinho in Brazil, Red Beach in Crete, Plage de Tahiti in Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera, and other sun-drenched locations in Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean are highly regarded by the international skinny-dipping elite.

Avoid staring

The unbreakable law of going to the beach naked. You may gaze (how could you not gaze? ), but refrain from ogling or gawking. When people are exposed, they are more vulnerable. Therefore you want to prevent any indication that you are creepily oppressing them. Don’t you expect the same thing back? Open a book if you find it challenging to keep your eyes off yourself.

Put your camera away at home.

Another division of the more general don’t-be-creepy division. It’s best not to bring out any photo-capturing equipment in the first place because even shooting pictures of the surroundings can make folks uncomfortable if they are unsure of where your smartphone is pointing. If you must take a selfie, ensure you don’t photograph anyone without their consent.

Take a towel with you wherever you go.

A towel is necessary if you want to lay on the sand. However, you’ll likely need to bring your towel to nudist resorts if you sit on furniture in restaurants, bars, or other communal areas. We heartily support this custom, by the way.

On all exposed skin, liberally apply sunscreen.

Although this is an everyday sunbathing routine, it is essential to remember when discussing delicate body regions that are rarely exposed to sunlight.

Maintain a safe distance from others.

When deciding where to sit or lie down, leave a lot of space—if feasible, more space than you would if you were dressed—between you and the towel directly across from you. Doing this conveys that you respect your neighbor’s right to privacy. It adds to our sense of comfort.